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RUNNING FOR: First City-Wide Trustee

Ashaki Antoine

In August 2004, Ashaki Antoine started her distinguished career with the New York City Department of Correction (DOC), assigned to the Anna M Kross Center (AMKC). While assigned to AMKC, she obtained first hand experience and knowledge in systematically, independently, and collectively addressing issues within the jail. Officer Antoine was assigned to the most problematic, security risk group, and violent housing areas within the facility.

In October 2008, Officer Antoine became an essential asset in the reopening of the Brooklyn Detention Complex (BKDC). In May 2010, she was reassigned to the Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEOC). While there, she furthered her knowledge by interpreting, perusing, and understanding the unlawful employment discrimination practices. Doing so, allowed her to advance equal opportunity for all officers.

In the later part of 2010, Officer Antoine returned to the Brooklyn Detention Complex (BDC)-Courts Division. As the Brooklyn Criminal Court Liaison, she was afforded the opportunity to effectively communicate, problem solve, create and build relationships with outside agencies. These agencies included: The Office of Court Administration; The New York City Police Department; and New York State Parole. The nature and quality of her work allowed her to leave a remarkable impression.

In March 2017, Ashaki was appointed to the position of Delegate, thereby becoming a union official for the New York City Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association (COBA). Doing so allowed her to represent over 450 officers assigned to BDC, including Brooklyn Criminal Court, Brooklyn Supreme Court and Richmond Court. During this time, she became well known by aggressively voicing her dismay regarding the unethical, belittling scare tactics used by the administration against the officers.

Officer Antoine’s aggressive approach led to decreased command discipline penalties, enhanced use of progressive discipline, more operable security equipment, and enhanced searches throughout the facility. She was also instrumental in the introduction of a mentoring program for newly assigned officers who needed additional assistance adjusting to a jail setting. The mentoring program was successful in building the confidence of officers. She was also the catalyst of building a relationship with the Department of Transportation (DOT) which successfully provided parking plaques for the officers. This built officer morale greatly. Officer Antoine was able to accomplish these goals all within her first year as an appointed delegate.

In October 2018, a special election was held in the BDC for a vacant position as a delegate. Ashaki campaigned hard, relying upon the success she delivered to the officers she represented. As a result, she secured her position with an overwhelming victory, thereby officially being elected by her peers. Her greatest accomplishment thus far was going before the DOC Legal Division (first of its kind), and addressing numerous command discipline appeals against the officers. She was able to successfully exhaust every phase of the appeal process while achieving positive results.

Officer Antoine is also the Vice President of DOC’s Association of Caribbean Americans, representing Trinidad and Tobago. She is also an active supporter, member, and a true advocate for the American Cancer Society, another rewarding part of her community service.

In Officer Antoine’s sixteen years of service as a Correction Officer, she has earned great respect from her peers. They have entrusted her with their issues, problems and concerns, and rely upon her advice and wisdom in making decisions. She leaves no stone unturned in resolving issues for the officers she represents. Her commitment, undeniable dedication, and hard work are recognized by all.

Currently, we are facing frustrating and uncertain times within our union. An effective change is needed now. Innovative ideas and restructuring are paramount.

Officer Antoine is asking for your support and vote, filling the COBA First City-Wide Trustee position. The time for change is now. The Boldest must be united.

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